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AncorailTM is a patented system for the quick, easy assembly and installation of deck railings. The system uses large (1") powder-coated aluminum balusters connected to a pre-punched flat bar by using the amazingly designed AncorballTM.

How it Works

How does it work? Click the Start button at right to view a simple demonstration. The system consists of three parts: pre-drilled flat bars, coated aluminum spindles, and the patented Ancorballs™. The pre-drilled flat bar ensures that you have very little to measure; just center the bar to your bottom railing, attach it using the Ancorballs and stainless screws, and cut the ends flush. This process is repeated for the top railing, and then the spindles can be easily tapped onto the Ancorballs for a tight, even fit.

Ancorail is available for straight runs of railing as well as stairs, and comes in four colors to fit your unique tastes and needs. Visit our photo gallery to see the Ancorail system in action, or contact us and put Ancorail to work for you!