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Can the system be used with maintenance free composite material?
Yes. One of the benefits of the system is the elimination of staining between the spindles on decks that have wood top and bottom rails but the system also works and looks great with maintenance free composites. The flat rail actually provides strength to the composite rails to help prevent bowing.
Can I order just the Ancorballs or the Flat Bar?
No. The patented system is designed to work together.
Are custom colors available?
Yes. Please contact us for options. An additional fee may apply to special orders.
Can Ancorail be used for commercial applications?
Yes. Ancorail is also available in 30 " lengths for commercial use. Please refer to your local building codes for specific requirements.
How will I know if the pre-cut spindles will work with my stairway?
The pre-cut spindles are cut at a 35 degree angle. Because of how the patented Ancorball is designed, the pre-cut spindles will work as is from stairways that are between 33 degrees and 37 degrees. For stairways that have a slope outside this range, a simple cut from a chop saw will get the job done.
How safe is the railing system? How does it withstand the inspection process?
  • Ancorail is made in the USA using the best materials.
  • The spindles are 1" diameter instead of most railings that are only ".
  • The Ancorball is made using a die process that guarantees it is to exact standards.
  • An independent inspection by an engineering firm found that the rail system can withstand more than twice the side impact as required by code (details available upon request).
  • Because the flat bar is pre-punched, inspectors quickly realize that the spacing between the spindles is spot on everytime.