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Three reasons
why Ancorail is
the easiest railing
system to install,

Reason 1: The Ancorball

The Ancorball is easily screwed into the pre-punched flat bar and snuggly connects the railings. The versatility of the ball allows it to be used for both straight and stair runs. The patented design is engineering genius. You will not find a connection system with a tighter fit on the market.

Reason 2: Precut angles for the stair applications

The stairway spindles are precut at 35 degrees. Because of the design of the Ancorball, the system works on stair slopes of anywhere between 33 and 37 degrees. The same ball and flat bar is used for straight as well as stairway runs. There simply is not an easier system for installing stairway railings.

Reason 3: No jigs, no templates, no fixtures needed

The flat bar comes pre-punched for proper spindle spacing. Simply center the bar to your bottom railing, attach it using the Ancorballs and cut the ends flush. The process is repeated for the top railing and then the spindles are tapped onto the Ancorballs for a tight, even fit. Never again waste hours measuring for each spindle placement.